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Anita Catari -

Hello... why should anyone not go to Al's Bar... it is certainly one of the more "special" places of Kampala, but what is wrong with being different?

What I was actualy interested in, however, is to ask beer drinkers about the quality of beer sold and consumed in Uganda.

I am not a beer drinker. Although German, but a friend of mine who comes to visit me here wanted to know about the above.. and now I want to show off with my expertise knowledge...

Could be also about the Kenyan brands or even other African regional brands.

Hello to all you interested passionate beer drinkers, this is a plead for help from an illiterate, you could tell me anything but please be gently and honest with me!


giuseppe -

hello?? MY name is giuseppe, I like to collect africans beercoasters, please you can help me?? thank you my adres mail is dvlabels@yahoo.it

Andy Daykin -

Just got back from Uganda today. Bells and Tusker were both adequate beers. Club, I found to be insipid. I was excited about the extra strong Guinness but this disappointed, having more in common with syrupy super strength beers. The clear winner for me was Nile Special - a full strength and flavoured lager (1,600 shs from Jazz's super market near Bugolobi market - take back your empties for 300 shs deposit on the bottle) Bar prices ranged from 2,500 shs at Red Chilli and Bar El Gazelle to 3,500 at Efendy's Turkish Restaurant. Enjoy it. I brought two back to share with my wife.

Jenny -

Nile Special is hands-down the most fantastic beer of all time. I recommend mixing it with in a 2:1 ratio with Fanta Passion (also available in Uganda). This lovely beverage is called Nile Passion and is fantastic.

Sarah -

Nile mixed with Fanta Passion in a 2:1 ratio is absolutely fantastic! It is tasty, fresh and completely compliments the lager of Nile.

Alan -

Wow. Ugandan brewery spammers.

Sarah -

Sorry, Alan. I see how you might think we could be Ugandan brewery spammers, but you only think this because you have never had a Nile Special or a Nile Passion. I'll forgive your mistake, but do yourself a favor and drink a Nile Special!

Jenny -

In fact, Sarah and I are not brewery spammers. We are just enthusiastic citizens who happen to enjoy a Nile Special after a hard day's work. I understand that you may not understand our genuine love of Nile Special or our mixed drink Nile Passion, because you may have never had the good fortune to get to sample these delicacies. I assure you that once you get a taste of the goodness, you will understand and become a true believer.

Alan -

My faith in Uganda beer comment makers is restored. But I have no access to either fluid so I have to take you word for it.

Zand -

I love Nile Special. The test is so nice

John -

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