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Matthew -

A Belgian New Year's Eve. What an inspired idea, which I had, too: 3 Fonteinen Oude Geuze!

Alan -

Geuze is so good it makes me want to say guezetastic in regular conversaion but everyone would think I am a weirdo.

Matthew -

Alan, you can say "guezetastic" around me anytime!

Alan -

Popped a larger Saison Dupont for the Sweet Six to help LSU try to beat Duke. A lovely combination of dry and rich, burlappier in the yeast than I noted above - like a golden <i>dubbel</i>. Really nice. Courtesy of a pal who visited Ithaca last weekend and visited the glory that is the Finger Lake Beverage Center.

Chris -

It's funny how old threads become active again after a while isn't it?

The Saison DuPont would easily qualify as a "desert island" beer for me. (if you were trapped on an island and could only have one beer, what would it be?)

I've probably had at least 50 of these, and every one was a little different, and special, in it's own way. Plus it's one of the most refreshing "summer beers" I know of, and what better style of beer to drink on a hot, sandy island?

Alan -

Have you had a Foret? It is by the same maker and was like the Saison Dupont but with the speaker turned to eleven. These really are lovely ales. I suspect there will be more micro saisons and bieres de garde like this effort as well as Hennepin.

On the revival of old threads, I am trying to keep discussion of beers cross-referenced or otherwise interconnected to keep the discussion active even if started a long time ago.

Chris -

The Foret is indeed excellent, and I like the fact that it's organically produced. If only it were a little stronger than 5% it could replace the Saison on my desert island. It's great for lunch because at 5% you can share a bottle with someone and still go back to work, but for an "all-around, any-time-of-day drinker" I'd still go with the Saison. Or the "Avec Bon Voeux" (sorry for bad French spelling) that DuPont puts out for Christmas. Man that's good stuff...

I think your right about saisons being "the new thing". Along with sour beers like lambics and flemish reds, the saisons seem to be selling faster than any other style of import, and more micro's are jumping on the saison train too. Hopefully it means an end to the "half-ass-weizen" craze thats been going on for years now. (Don't get me wrong, I love a good Schneider or Wiehenstephan now and then, but if I have to drink another crappy American interpretation of the style I'm going to start throwing things.)

BTW, I'm going to have to start using "Guezetastic", even when I'm not talking about beer. It's one of the best descriptors I've heard in a long time...