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Joe -

Once again, I must recommend Victory and their Storm King Imperial Stout. Old Rasputin from North Coast in CA is also excellent.

Alan -

Had the second last summer and agree. Had the first in Jan 2004 and agree. Storm King was not in the CNY area in late November. I did want to add it to the stash for just this very post.

Knut Albert Solem -

I can actually get the Samuel Smith stout here in Norway, too. I'll have to drink some other stuff to make room for it, though. In the new year..

Austria -

None of these beers I get in Austria.

Alan -

Help you I can't.

Scott -

Try these:
For alcohol fire: Avery Brewing Co. - The Czar
For definition of style: Old Rasputin as mentioned earlier
For a beer to chew fora long time - Expedition Stout- Bell's Brewing Co.

Bryan -

Try the Thirsty Dog Siberian Night Russian Imperial Stout and I think you'll see why they were awarded a 2005 GABF gold medal for Imperial Stout (and a bronze medal in 2003). I've had a couple of bottles and will be looking for more very soon.

I need to get my hands on some of the Avery Czar. I've likewise heard good reviews on the Avery Czar and can not wait to track some down for my drinking pleasure. mmmm :)

Hoppy Holidays,

p.s. nice site, keep up the good work!

Ron Pattinson -

Sam Smiths did not revive Imperial Stout. Courage Russian Stout (or Barclay Perkins Russian Stout) was brewed from the 18th century until 1993, when Scottish & Newcastle decided they couldn´t be bothered to brew it any more.

Russian Stout was one of the few British beers not to lose most of its strength - the final version was still over 1100 OG, 10% ABV. It was also one of very few British beers to remain bottle-conditioned and to use Brettanomyces. Avery Czar is a reasonable imitation.