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Adam Beck -


I think I like you guys more and more with every post! Here's a little article that talks about some of the beer museums all over the world.


The Angler -

Excellent idea. For the last week I've been thinking about how I can help make Long Island more of a beer destination and a beer and brewing museum did occur to me. I visited a Belgium beer museum in Brusselles a few years back. They had a brewery down stairs. My wife and I parked ourselves at one of the tables and sampled some very fine beers.

herry -

yeh that will be cool if you are going with your friends

Knut Albert Solem -

I have been to the beer museum in Brussels, which is nice, but, as their comics museum it was all in French and Flemish as far as I can remember. I believe there is a beer/brewery museum in Budapest, too, but I did not have time to go there.
Then there are, of course visitor's centres in all breweries great and small, but my point was to establish a museum which was not dominated by one of the big multinational beverages groups, but rather a heritage sort of place with micro brews from the handpumps making an added attraction. And in Britain I would say the pubs are as important as the brewers as a focal point - in other countries it will be different.

Lars Marius Garshol -

I think the idea of an English pub museum is excellent. The English really ought to have thought of that themselves a long time ago.

I visited a beer museum in Kulmbach, a city famous for its bock beers, which was owned and run by Kulmbacher, the brewery resulting from the merger/buy-out of all the local Kulmbach breweries. It was extremely extensive and thorough, and all in German. They even had a fully-functioning modern lager brewery in the museum, and you could, of course, sample the beer for free. Nice, but much more rewarding if you know German.

The Cantillon brewery in Brussels also bills itself as a brewery, but is really just a lambic brewery giving tours of the brewery. The tours are in English and very good, and I found it very interesting, especially as the guide explained not just the brewing process, but also the history of these beers.

Knut -

See update on my blog today about a London beer museum.