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Bartzilla -

Tough questions!

Best beer of the year: Russian River's "Pliny The Elder".

Best Pub: O'Briens or Liar's Club. Both in San Diego, both have excellent selections.


Alan -

There is a world of west coast beers I need to learn about, BZ. Have a happy New Year.

Chris Scott -

Keep up the good work in 2006!

Knut Albert -

Best pub: The Porter House, Dublin.
Best beer: That's a tough one. I have to come back on that one.
Best publication: While I hope to be a frequent contributor, I feel we are on the right track here. I think this blog has some major advantages, which others may think of as disadvantages: I is not based in a major beer nation, so there is no bias towards Beligum, the US, Germany or Britain. Or the Czech Republic. I have problems spelling that. We should cover Czech beers (I got it right two times in a row!)better next year. And it not a trainspotting sort of beer site. I have nothing against RateBeer or the Beer Advicate, but that is soomething else.
I don't know how long I will keep running my own blog, but I will certainly continue to contribute here as long as Alan keeps the flag flying. And we should try to do some more recruiting next year. We could use a German. And a Russian. And so on. Looking at the statistics, there are lots of lurkers out there. Come on guys! Alan checks up on my language, too. Notice the difference between my comments and the posts that he has processed!

Chris A. -

I'll put forth Great Divide's Fresh Hop Ale available in 22 oz. bombers. I also visie=ted the brewery this year. Nothing fancy. No brew pub. No restaurant. No store. Just a brewery. But one helluva one at that. Some ogf the best beers I have all year (Titan IPA, Fresh Hop Ale, Hercules Double IPA). All FANTASTIC!!!

This is a great website. Keep up the good work. This past year is the first year I really got into microbrews. I started with American IPA's as a focus. 2006 I will be branching out to foreign brews. I will utilize this site frequently for advice. Enjoy the New Year!!!

Alan -

Thanks Chris.

GR -

Last year's New Years' resoultion was to drink ONLY good Scotch. That was easy! It goes without saying that my moral code already prohibited drinking anything but GREAT beer. Maybe BeerBlog is the bible of that religion. Cheers Alan, keep up the good work.

Josh -

My personal beer of the year:

Gouden Carolus Triple.

A remarkably underlooked triple from Belgium that possesses every characteristic a true triple should have. Tastes of mellow honey, soft spices, rich malt and subdued hops. Exceptionally good carbonation, and an appearance that rivals the very best of any Belgian. A shocker of an underdog; a true beer epiphany.

Devin -

Best beer: tough, but I'm going with Samuel Smith's Imperial Stout.

Best location: The Glacier Brewhouse, Anchorage AK. They have a to-die-for Imperial Stout and Imperial Blonde (aka "Ice Axe Ale").