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Adam Beck -

I guess I'll go with the Beer Not Kids petition, but, only because there's no "Beer And Kids" petition. I can see why, but, really what is a guy to do? I have three kids and I like to brew beer? So I would logically fit into that category. Do you think it would matter that I'm from "The States"?

On a more serious note. I like your posts. Interesting that your readership is so US based. I live near Philadelpia or maybe you have heard of Valley Forge. Lotsa good beer in this neck of the woods. Dogfish Head comes to mind as one of my favorite regional brewers.

Alan -

I think you can add your name to each petition safely. I am also a "kids <i>and</i> brew" family guy but we like elections here without any really big issues. The budget has been balanced for the best part of a decade and we all pretty much agree on pretty much everything.<p>You are indeed in a great part of the beer world with Victory so near. I have a big bottle of Victory anniversary ale to get to over the holidays. One thing Canada can no longer brag about is whether our best beers are better or not. In that sense we have fallen behind, except if you hunt very hard.

Joe Reed -

The Philly region is indeed fantastic beer-wise. Only a handful of US locales are even remotely in the same category.

Adam Beck -

Ah yes, good ol' Victory Brewing :-) I must admit that I just don't get over there often enough. In fact I have only been there once. Their beer is soooo commonly available that I have begun to take it for granted. It isn't even that far away, about a 15 minute drive. Celebration Ale....I can't remember if I have had the pleasure of tasting that or not (I think so). Hmmm which of Victory's brews have I sampled? (he says as he jumps over to BeerAdvocate for a list)

My favorites would have to be the Monkey and Hop Devil :-) Of course V12 was good, but, not as good as others in that style. I have at least tasted the following.

Golden Monkey(Tripel)
Hop Wallop(American Double IPA)
HopDevil Ale(American IPA)
Mad King's Weiss(Hefe Weizen)
Moonglow Weizenbock(Weizenbock)
Old Horizontal(American Barley Wine)
Prima Pils(German Pilsener)
Storm King Stout(American Double Stout)
Victory Festbier(Märzen / Oktoberfest)
Victory Lager(Munich Helles Lager)
Victory Scottish Ale(Scottish Ale)

You say you have fallen behind in Canada? I guess you would know since you live there. I'm sure there are some that I would really enjoy. That's what I like about beer. Even though there are brands that are distributed throughout the world there are brands that you just can't get unless you make a special trip to that state or country. The day that ceases to be the case will be a sad day indeed. I think something like that happened in the UK with Real Ale. I just read about it on Wikipedia...


Matt -

Eastern end of Lake Ontario eh? Anywhere near me in Rochester?

Alan -

3 hours and a bit up I-81 and over the border.