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Neil Roberts -

Victory is a huge favorite of mine, and just around the corner. Their Mad King's Weiss is my favorite. It's available year round and is only available on tap.

Neil Roberts -

I should also mention, I was there last week and they had Hop Devil on cask. It was some of the best beer I've ever had.

Alan -

I have just had the Imperial Stout and HopDevil from Victory as I am at the whim of distribution but Joe in China swears by their beers, too.

Baba Beer -

The Brooklyn Brewery brews both up there and in Williamsburg Brooklyn. The beer they brew here, (I'm in Brooklyn)is for kegging. I remember hearing from the guys there that they share a space in Up state in Utica with Saranac. This is where they do all their bottling. I love everything Brooklyn...

Thought I would let you know.

Baba Beer of www.beerrag.com

Alan -

Perfect info. So can you get Paper City in NYC?

Baba Beer -

Hmm, I'm not sure if I can get Paper City in NYC. The other fellow from beerrag.com that wrote the Paper City review is my brother, he is the one in Western Mass.

If you are interested in another good Brooklyn beer, check out Six Point Craft Ales. Their site is www.sixpointcraftales.com.
I am planning a trip to their brewery possibly this weekend, and will post the review on beerrag.com.

Alan -

Excellent. Have you read Lew Bryson's book on the micros and brewpubs of NY state?

Baba -

Nah I haven't read Lew's book, but I will deffinetly have to check it out. Unfortunately I haven't been able to explore the brewpubs outside of NYC. I will check it out