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Mike -

Tried it. Liked it. It's better than Bud!

Knut -

I had the keg version in Dublin, and it was really nasty. I left half of my pint, which I very rarely do! Fizzy pop of an ale, indeed. This is what would dominate the British market if CAMRA had not come along.

Kevin Connolly -

Where can i buy Smithwick's ale in California, USA ?
Thanks, Kevin

Mike Jarrett -

I have no idea what the bottled stuff is like, the bottling process can affect ales badly. However, I can definately say I'd give this ale from draught in an Irish pub the thumbs up! It's easy drinking, and that's the way I like my ales. I'm not to bothered about tasting ripe berries with a vinegarette twist, it should just go down like (or even easier than)pop.

As for getting hold of it California, I can't even seem to find a way to get hold of it in the UK. It's not in any supermarkets in Wales UK that I've seen. If any fellow Welshman can tell me different I'd appreciate it.