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Bruno Rancourt -

A tout les amateurs de biere;puis-je vous faire constater que la labatt 50 est de loin la biere la plus savoureuses qui a un gouts des plus prononcés. Elle ce demarque de loin de tout autres bieres.

En ce qui me concerne,depuis l'age de 24 ans(cela fait deja 5 ans)que je bois cette biere et la recomande a tout les gents qui m'entoure. J'ai innitié un grand nombres de personnes venant sourtout de la ville de granby qui est ma ville natale.Je suis un grand client du Pub du Vilage a granby et la vente de cette biere devient de plus en plus importante. Malheureusement,je reussis seulement qu'a innitier le sexe masculin mais hereusement,les femmes boivent tous en general de la labatt Bleu et je me dit; tant que ça reste dans les produits labatt tout est sous controle !

J'etait un buveure de Molson Ex et maintenant, cette biere porte bien son nom!

Bruno Rancourt
(le buvuere de 50)

Alan -

Merci, Bruno!

Yum Yum -

La 50 est vraiment malade. C'est la meilleur biere que j'ai jamais bu.
Elle est vraiment tout comme ta page!!!

Frank the Finch -

Ah yes. The Fiddy. Nevermind Minesotean. His, is well structured advice for those who think of beer more as novelty than a way of life, I suspect. All of it's own right. (Big Rock = Big disapointment, by the way) Labatt 50 se démarque, point a la ligne. It's refreshing, well balanced, has got bite and is a definite departure from all those "light beers" that were made so obscenely available in the 90's
The most prevalent redeeming aspect is it's resistance to change over the years. This is beer that sees incredibly little advertisement, yet still manages to endure . I dare you to interpret that any other way than by recognizing the fact the PEOPLE FKKKING LIKE IT. Say what you will... Mount Royal in mid July, a starry night and a 950ml of 50 is only better if you're getting laid, too.

Johnny Mainstream -

I never understood what these Montrealers see in Labatt Cinquante. Proof that the Frenchies, despite having the best microbreweries in the western world, can have crap taste too.

Lee Verr -

Have you notice the resurgence of Labatt 50 among the younger hipster crowd? I was at a vernissage in a gallery in Ottawa and Labatt 50 was offered.

Back in the 70s and the 80s, this was the typical beer for fishermen and hunters in Quebec.

Mike -

It's dirty but I enjoy it. Has a taste that separates the men from the boys.

You can take it to a house party, and no one will steal it out of the fridge! Since my better half won't drink it, it's a great way to guarantee a designated driver as well!