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Alan -

I visited the Party Source yesterday, picked up some interesting ales but found it a little less fully stocked. It may just be the shipping cycle between summer and fall purchasing. I should be able to pop in again mid-October so we will see how it is.

Alan -

I stopped in at the Party Source before the CNY Brewfest the other day and it was in really great shape. I picked up 24 beer I had not seen before - nice to see.

david culm -

Until the beer drinking cogniscenti of the U.S. visit, and experience beer drinking (where beer was orignally "designed"), in Europe, they will not really appreciate the true delights that Anglo Saxon, and Flemish taditional brewing methods bring to ones palate.

Having been State-side and in Canada recently, I was struck by the blandness of the beers that were on offer. Malt based brews do not need to chilled to banality , but need to be savoured at about 54 deg F, as original cellar (what's a cellar you ask?) hand drawn ales used to be.
Cask conditioned ale in the States and Canada is impossible to find. Cellar craft I have not discovered. Please advise where in the vastness of the North American land mass, can one find this skill?
Your beers are all to "clean", and "fizzy".
You by by sight and not by taste perhaps?
A contentious issue, which will no doubt draw forth some discussion!!

Mike -


The only thing is the price is not labeled well on all the beer and when you ask the price or check out the employees and or owners aren't the friendliest to say the least.

David Culm (The one and only) -

Not a comment since my crit of N.American beer? Come on, there must be someone out there who has something positive to add about N.American beers.
By the way, the best recommended cellar temperature for hand -drawn (no top pressure)"real ale" is 51F-not 54F.
Keep suppin'.