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Big Gus -

This is the beer that inspired me to become a homebrewer. When I got back to the states and could not find it ANYWHERE, i realized that if I were to have ale that good I would have to make it myself. I have yet to try to make one like it though due partly to fading memory and partly to intemidation! This is a GREAT beer on cask, and a decent beer in a bottle. If you ever chance to find yourself in a pub in Scotland you must seek this one out!

Alan -

That is interesting - and mirrors my past homebrewing motives. What were the particular ingredients that you thought would be required to replicate Deuchars?

peter -

Hi all. just thought i'd drop you a note to say the Tir Chonaill Bar Glasgow are proud to anounce that we have just added Deuchars IPA to our wide selection of wines and beers. keep it real!! thanks, Peter (manager)
Tir chonaill
506-510 Victoria rd,
G42 8ND.

Keith -

One of the finest ales I've tasted and I'll echo the sentiments expressed by Big Gus - it's this type of beer that started to get me interested in the whole brewing process.