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Alan -

I was sold on this brewery after one bottle...and I even have a picture of that bottle of Storm King Imperial Stout from last January. I noticed a number of Victory brews down in Syracuse. I will have to add them to my pre-Yule shopping list.

Alan -

Weeks later, after the great International Beer-Buy 2004 today in CNY, I got to try this beer and compare it to another big big hop bomb Stone Ruination IPA.<p>The Ruination was greener and perhaps a touch more acidic in its hoppiness. There was perhaps a slight, slight note of smoke or only perhaps oak but under the hops it was round and overall orange marmaladey tangy. The HopDevil is slightly sweeter and one notch calmer on the hops - but only one. There is a slight, slight suggestion of corn flake in the mash. The aroma is more complex than the Ruination's and I found it perhaps slightly salty to the Ruination's pure green. I was thinking of dulse, the smell of a sea beach and the twiggy tangy of raspberries on the bush. Both are fantastically hopped and sheer quality in a bottle.<p>If price makes your decision easier, a six of HopDevil was about 8 bucks USD while the 750 ml bomb of Ruination was about 5 or about twice the price per ml.