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Derek -

On PEI, we called it the "government dairy", the "Lick" or "the warm beer store". Times have changed. They now sell cold beer, wine and coolers. and the main store sells bottle-your-own tanker wine that is quite palatable. If you are looking for a decent beer, though, you have to go elsewhere. The Gahan House brewery, behind the Queen St. "Lick" sells a decent variety of brewed-on-site beer. I recommend the Sydney Street Stout.

Mike -

As per the Sloan song, we always called it "the L.C." in Halifax (as in 'Nova Scotia Liquor Commission'; although now I see it's corporation, maybe it was 'corporation' back then as well).

Alan -

You are spot on with that Sydney Street Stout, Derek - that was my favorite. And PEI makes up for itself with the excellent moonshine which appears magically in every kitchen cabinet out near my old home in Rustico.

Knut Albert Solem -

Waht is kookoo juice, Alan?