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Sebastien -

Alas, I haven't managed to find this beer for purchase anywhere. I tried it once at Vintages in Ottawa and have been on the lookout for it ever since. Any pointers?


Alan -

I think the LCBO has dropped it. Try Dragon Stout or Sinha Stout which are also strong export sweeter stouts from Jamaica and Sri Lanka respectively.

Bryan -

Very nice, sweet stout. Available at LCBO #1, Weston rd & 401 (along side Sinha and Dragon stout)

Verdunoisette -

Yes, can anyone tell me why LCBO/SAQ does not offer Trinidadian products? How do their buyers select? Take their rums, for example. This year at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, three Trinidadian rums won silver medals: 10 Cane Rum by Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy and House of Angostura's 1919, an 8 year aged rum and 1824, its 12 year aged rum.

Winston -

LCBO carries 1919 in the Toronto area at least.

Adam -

Easily the most full and and yet smooth stouts of the limited list i have been able to try. Does anyone know of others in this caliber, unfortunately, none of the Edmonton shops carry this or those other two that were aforementioned. Thanx.


craig -

Co-op in Calgary sells it.


Paul -

Mixed emotions on this one. I'll have to try another. It is fairly sweet/bitter, but it does have a nice finish. I just bought a 6-pack at the LCBO.