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Alan -

I had another tonight and liked it more. The chocolate malt struck me more than it had the other night. Not so much balance as counterpoint.

DR Hammond -

I have been keeping a six pack of this around the cellar since it became available and somehow it always seems to empty too quickly. Since the availability of Black Oak Nutcracker in bottles is very limited, and the Fullers London Porter at the LCBO is expensive, the Sleemans has been filling a gap for me (I love porters).

This is one of the only locally produced bottled porters in Ontario. ( at one time in the not to distant past there were a dozen or so before the yellow fizzy corn-lager craze) This brew SHOULD become a standard brew for Sleeman but I do not hold out hope as porter (as a style) has not regained significant following to warrant the rediculous shelf costs at the distribution monopolies. All the same, this porter has grown on me as I put aside some petty complaints about thinner mouthfeel and sharp edges to appreciate it for what it is: that is a true representation of standard Canadian pub fair in the age of tavern porters. This beer is true to what one would expect to find as the house porter in any pre prohibition Ontario tavern. Very drinkable...that is it's nature.

CapFLU -

I must admit that when I first saw the Sleeman Porter, I thought that they had tried to rebrand the Dark/Red again so people would buy it for the holidays. It is rather nice though it carries the similar "Sleeman Tinny-Egg" bottle smell.

It makes you wonder who John Sleeman was hoping to attract with this beer? The hardcore macro-swillers will likely stay away while the beer snobs will likely pick-up the Fuller's London Porter in the next aisle.

Cheers to John for the effort though. Perhaps he has a true India Pale Ale recipe in the "Great Book" that will make an appearance in the near future...


Alan -

I agree with that point about the Sleeman smell, CapFLU. It would be interesting to know what efforts, if any, were made to replicate the yeast and hop varieties of the original. My immediate reaction was that this could be nothing like it was until I considered the Burton Bridge porter and the potential for a relatively thin and sharp porter. I am still not convinced, however, and prefer the bigger, heftier, rounder ones.

Len -

CapFLU, I bought Sleeman's Porter which was incidentally sitting next to Sleeman's IPA, in Halifax, NS, at the NSLB outlet Scotia Square. Only place I've seen both signature brews.

It was an impulse buy, and when I opened the pack later at home, I saw clear bottles and thought it would have the slightly skunky smell - it didn't, despite being kicked around at the end of an aisle (and the cold Cream Ale was oddly enough). Very drinkable, a notch below a stout tastewise (yes, that's what came to mind), and a head that stayed intact a bit longer. I agree with Alan, it had a sharper taste and was thinner and less smooth than a stout. I wasn't disappointed, but wasn't overly excited either.

gregg.cussion -

I live in a rural area,a few miles from Peterboro.

Does the main store in Peterboro carry your Porter.Thank you.