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Ben Henry -

Hi there Guys.

Im From New Zealand and on my world trip currently in Chile (South America)and people here when ordering a Beer call it a Chock of beer not completely sure on the spelling.

I would like to know if you have the info handy on a Chock of beer, if this is an actual well knowin word or just a south American saying.

Cheers (Salud)

Alan -

Noyhing from me. Is it a particular size or shape of glass or just a generic unit of brew?

LM Moore -

In the post Civil War/western movie, "Josie Wales," The guy who runs the ferry refers to beer as "chock." So is it the container or the contents, or the quantity?

LM Moore -

(re: Reference to 'chock beer')The website, www.riverwalk.org has this to say:

"They were the stars of barrelhouse joints in the backwoods of east Texas and Louisiana. They played in shacks with dirt floors that sold Royal Crown cola, homemade booze and good times every night of the week. Barrels of chock beer and moonshine whiskey lined the walls and gave these dives (and the piano style they spawned) their name: "barrelhouse."

Alan -

Here is a 1919 Oklahoma case over the making of chock beer.

Alan -

This case, also from Oklahoma, indicates that "chock" is short for Choctaw, the name of a US first nation that lives there.

Ruell Henry -

"The name Chock comes from
the Choctaw Indians. I guess they just naturally wanted to celebrate some
way or another, and thought a little drink would fire them up so's they'd
break loose, forget their worries, and have a good time."

alfons -

Here's the entry for Fluitje in the dutch Wikipedia.

Alan -

No - not that, alfons. They were little roundish glasses.

Jake -

That is a very unique looking glass