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kNo' -

Fraoch? Fraoch??? Oh my god. People I spoke about this beer have always looked at me with perplexity. I drank Fraoch only once, and I have never been able to find it out again at the supermakets. Beer brewed with heather... nobody believed me.
Maybe I should try to get the three other ones, then.

Alan -

I believe you - and shall have that one tonight to prove it.

Alan -

Ebulum reviewed today.

Alan -

Finally, the heather ale tonight.

Erik -

If you're ever in the Chicago area, make sure to stop by Binny’s—last I checked, they sell these intriguing ales by the bottle. (They also have the seaweed ale, which isn’t very good.)

Adam -

This boxed set is available from a nearby LCBO for 12.80- approximately 3.20 a bottle. Your descriptions make me want to buy multiple sets.

Edward -

Got the four btl box for Christmas last year, bought one for myself this year, and hoping someone gives me another this Christmas. I THINK THEY'RE GREAT!! These are wonderful links to the past which must be enjoyed each alone for what they are. Not for washing down pizza or KFC! When you want to relax and savour an ale to appreciate the ale itself, this is the route to go! They're SUPER!!!
Havent tried the seaweed, so I'll take Eric's word and give it a wide berth.

Mark -

Wife got this for me for christmas (4 beer box) along with my 24' pc monitor...and I hated it. It really is an acquired taste, and quite strong. I know that they are supposed to taste differently but I honestly couldn't tell. I am quite picky about taste so maybe someone else will love it. I noticed that the alcohol content was about 7.5% on one of them which I thought was in the "strong beer" category. Nothing wrong with that..just not for me.
I had had a glass of white wine before drinking them so maybe that soured my taste a bit.

Edward -

As I mentioned, these are not for washing down pizza, and a wine previous does not help in any case. These are for enjoying solely for their individual flavours alone, when you want to relax and glug down something for it's own merits. Definitely an acquired taste. Now that I know I can get these only at Christmas, I'll have to stock up a bit next time around. They're gone from the shelves now. Cheers

Craig Moorhouse -

I just pick up a four pack yesterday. I had the Grozet yesterday and the Fraoch today - very interesting, can't wait ontill tomorrow. I love a quality ale with complexity - the history is a welcome bonus as well. I would love to see the LCBO offer this as an 8 pack; two of each, year round.

Edward -

Great idea, the 8 pack. I'd definitely buy 'em!

Rick Tribe -

Love them all. Thankfully still available her in Toronto all-year round. Just picked up 3 boxes and going to savour the refreshing gooseberry now while surveying my planting efforts.

Mike -

Fraoch is is available all year round in my area.
It is a staple that never leaves my shelf. Much more refreshing and drinkable than any "standard" beer.

Martina -

A couple of friends and I taste tested these beers this weekend. We pegged the Alba Pine Ale as being the least fave, and were all very surprised that it turned out to be the standout beer of the evening.

All the beers were great, however, even the Elderberry Black, and I'm not usually a fan of dark ale. There wasn't one bad beer in the bunch. Recommend.

The insert that came with the beer indicated that there's a Kelpie Ale as well... a seaweed beer? Have you seen this beer included in the pack?

Steve Gates -

When speaking to a Scottish buddy of mine, whom I met while training with the British Para Regiment, complained that these beers are not available in Aulde Reekie (Edinburgh) or anywhere else in Scotland so be thankful that these special ales become available at Christmas for us Colonials. They are meant to be savoured and relished, I drink one a day watching Team Canada win the gold medal during the World Junior Tournament.

Sharon Leclair -

Where in or around Ottawa Ontario would you get Historic Ales of Scotland at this time of year

Alan -

Hi Sharon,

I think it is actually a 12 month LCBO listing that can be special ordered.

Sharon Leclair -

Will check it out Alan

Mark -

I so very much wish I could pick up a mix 24 pack of these beers, or if Kelpie came across the pond, or frankly if more brewers, brewed Gruit.

Nick -

found this site a bit late but thought id leave a note anyways....i work at a beer store and we generally always carry the heather ale and the seaweed ale. I have been wanting to try the other two for awhile but they dont sell very well as singles so we dont order them. Regardless, i disagree with the post about the seaweed ale. It is actually quite good! Its not made with seaweed but instead with ingredients that have been fertilized with seaweed from the coasts of scotland. It does not impart much flavor but adds a salty, ocean smell to the aroma. Taste is much like the heather ale, maybe a bit lighter. It is good, I wouldnt buy it regularly but occasionally i like it as a compliment to sushi!