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Alan -

I found a photo. I hope it is the right one. I know that there is no Gales in the LCBO at the moment but we do get them from time to time on the seasonal cycle. What is the Kirkwood Group?

Alan -

I answered myself. The Kirkwood Group is a wholesale distributor which supplies Gale products within Canada.

Mike -

Interesting re: Kirkwood.

Correct pic on the Wyk. I'll note that we had a nice dinner there, then met up with a friend and moved into another room to find a place at the bar. We told the staff we were moving rooms. By the end of the night, they hadn't given us a bill, although we were paying for beer as we went. Got back to the hotel and Lori said, did you pay for dinner? D'oh! said I and went back to the Wyk, tracked down the waitress and paid up. All in the cause of good international beer-drinking relations.

Alan -

The good thing about identifying Kirkwood is that you can order whole cases through the LCBO under something called the consignment program.