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Alan -

We have moved from "taste test" to "science with beer". Good post.

I am going to the Pixies concert Sunday in Hull and was hoping to do some SAQ browsing. How hot is the strike? I am not a picket line crosser genetically. There is a big depanneur in Hull that <i>vendes les bieres</i> according to the sign so I take the digital camera for a walk and just focus on that spot. See if I can find a six of Champlain porter with its eerie packaging with the floating head of Champlain on a butterscotch background.

Big tip - ask before you take photos in a beer store and if they say no, turn off the flash before you click.

blork -

I'm not sure how "hot" things are. Most SAQ stores are closed (I should have specified that in my post). 50 of the 400 stores in Quebec are open, being run by managers. I don't know if there are picketers or not -- I suspect there are. You can find out which stores are open by checking the web site (www.saq.com).

Fortunately, I have a few bottles of wine in reserve (I usually have 8 or 10 laying around, just in case) so it hasn't been much of a problem for me yet...

Alan -

A couple more weeks for you and it will be a dash to Hawksbury, Ontario I suppose.

lambic -

We drove out to Lancaster, Ontario today and visited their LCBO. The selection was very poor, but we managed to stock up on wine etc. for the holiday season.

Alan -

You gotta do what you gotta do - what was the difference, what was not there?

lambic -

It's a small store so it has limited shelf space. Their target audience seems to be the quantity over quality crowd with big bottles of cheap plonk and little bottles of stuff that will knock you out in two gulps.

The big SAQs have a big selection of wine; I'd say this place had less than half of what we're used to. The beer selection was slightly better, but there wasn't much in the way of micro brews.

Alan -

Thanks for reply. I am a Maritimer in Ontario and when I have to hit the road and head home, I make sure I stop at the Riviere du Loup SAQ Selection shop which has an astounding selection of red wines, mainly french. I think that a good LCBO like the Kingston downtown one, can hold its own to a good SAQ but the focus is a little different. A small town LCBO can be a little ugly, espcially as it can be the only game in town, unlike Quebec. Shop for wine in PEI, however, as I have and you will know what bleak it.

Charles -

There is a "depanneur" in Cap-Rouge, a Quebec City suburb, where you can find more than 350 different brands of beer. I grew up in that suburb and I assure you a visit to "Depanneur de la Rive" is a must if you happen to go to Quebec City. Maybe Montreal-based contributor Blork could make a day trip to Quebec City...

Check out the depanneur's wicked website, especially the list of the beers they sell:

Beijing-based Charles

Alan -

That is handy info. I often stop at Levis on my Maritimes to Kingston tours.

Charles -

Ask Danny, the owner of Dep de la Rive, to give you a tour. He usually is behind the counter. (God! do I miss this place now that I am in Beijing! I think I miss it as much as the outdoor ice rinks). Just tell Danny you know Beijing-based Charles, I often buy St-Ambroise (my favorite) there when I visit my parents. The place is quite unique. Awesome, and quite unexpected.

Charles -

If you go to Quebec City and plan to visit Depanneur de la Rive, I might as well hook you up with my dad, he would love to take you there. He knows everyone.

Alan -

That is a great invite. Likely won't pass through until the spring at the earliest. The Great Lakes Brewing News I picked up in Sytacuse also mentions a great Montreal Depanneur. I may have to start a list. <p>Get your Dad to take some digital photos and we could do a story on la Rive. I am all in favour of free ads for good stores.

Andrew Mazanec -

Dear Sirs,

I am a firefighter in St. Louis, Mo.USA.I am heading to Quebec City, Quebec in the end of June through the first week of July for the World Police and Fire Games. I have a few alcohol related questions:

1)What is the cost for one case of beer domestic and Anheuser Busch products?

2) What is the cost of Canadian Blended whiskey approx. 400-500ML?

3) What time do establishments stop serving alcohol?

4) Are there any open container laws on public streets parks. etc.

Alan -

Good Questions. I am going to move it to the front page.

Andrew Mazanec -

Dear Alan,

Thank you for taking the time to answer some of my questions. I have e-mailed Blork for the other questions. You are correct in saying that if there is a strike continuing against SAQ. that myself, nor my union brothers and sisters will not patronize these outlets.

Andrew Mazanec
St. Louis, Mo. USA

Andrew Mazanec -

Dear Alan,

Thank you for taking the time to answer some of my questions. I have e-mailed Blork for the other questions. You are correct in saying that if there is a strike continuing against SAQ. that myself, nor my union brothers and sisters will patronize these outlets.

Andrew Mazanec
St. Louis, Mo. USA

Andrew Mazanec -

Sorry about that last message. A corrected message was resent.

Andrew Mazanec

Alan -

No problem at all.

Mosco -

Great info! We're heading up to Laniel for a fishing trip and NEED to bring lots of beer...
what are the current proced for Blue and/or Export?

Sargent Starr -

Buying Beer In Quebec at your local Dep does not work

Here Is a just one reason http://thebeerstore.blogspot.com/

aou -

There are few good microbreweries around. <a href=http://notachain.blogspot.com/2009/08/barbarian-breweryla-barberiequebec-city.html>barbarian brewery</a> in Quebec City is on my must-to-visit-ebery-time list.

Another interesting thing about Quebec - Bring Your Own Wine program is way more developed comparing to one in Ontario.

Black Snake -

Can anyone recommend a dépanneur or other store very close to the Vermont border at Highgate (I-89/US-7), in Canada on 133, that would carry Québec brews? I'm interested in various Boréale and Unibroue products not available in the US, and I'd like to make it a very quick trip from the US and back.

billy harris -

I tried a beer in quebec a specialty beer, brown bottle with a purple knight on the front. It was AMAZING. never tasted anything like it. anyone know what it is called?


Dee -

Can anyone tell me where I can find a store that sells beer near the Quebec border. Im from fredericton NB and would like to purchase cheap beer near Quebec??

Armin Karcher -

I just wanted to know if Parkbräu ( brewed by PARK Brewery Zweibrücken Pirmasens Germany ) is available in Quebec. Perhaps somebody knows...