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Alan -

That is like when we worked in Poland. I went in to the corner store on a Friday right after my then not wife did. I heard all the men talking about this woman who had done the unthinkable for a lady of any manners - buy beer. Had she bought 4 litres of vodka for her own consumption that would have been quite acceptable but beer was the road to evil.

blork -

When I was in Prague about ten years ago people told me that you could toast with beer but not clink the glasses together. Or maybe it was you HAD to clink the glasses together. Damn, I don't remember now, but I do remember having the finest pilsners in the world while I was there (including the original Budwieser). There's really no comparison with others.

Alan -

Our sister-station has something of a confirmation from on the ground in Budapest.

Alan -

Details now from Lisa in Hungary:<blockquote class="smalltext">Having conducted extensive interviews on the subject, my most reliable witness (a Hungarian who happens to work for the US Treasury) has told me that the reason people aren't supposed to toast with beer is this: In 1848/9 there was a Hungarian uprising which failed. A benevolent liberal government by and for Hungarians was declared, but then subsequently it was put down by the Austrian Monarchy. In 1848/9 the hapless Habsburgs foolishly decided to toast their victory over the failed Hungarian revolutionaries with beer. The Hungarians seeing this declared a ban on toasting with beer for 150 years (ending in 1998). Why 150 years was enough is not known. But some people still don't toast with beer out of habit.</blockquote>

Mike -

Thanks Lisa.

Hungary's one of my favourite countries ~ aside from having visited there and having good friends from there, I have a great admiration for their national will to survive; centuries of oppression by Turks, Austrians, Germans and Russians, and they're still going strong.

Zoltan -

Lisa's version is one of the two most common and plausible I've heard. The other is that the Hungarians and Austrians agreed on something, toasted with beer, and the Austrians later betrayed the Hungarians. I don't know why 150 years was chosen, but it expired in 1999. Basically the way it works now is that the beer should be slammed (or tapped, take your pick) to the table after the toast and before you drink from it. For emphasis, many add "F*ck you Haynau!" to a toast with beer, Haynau being the general in charge of the Austrian army that defeated the Hungarians.

toner -

Can anyone offer a Hungarian toast for Grandma's 100th birthday?