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Mike M -

You were on Bank St and you didn't venture to the Clocktower Brew Pub? The Arrow and Loon does have a pretty good selection though. The food is pretty decent too.

Alan -

Wha-wha-what? Where zat? Don't just leave me hanging? They do a worse job than the Whos of Whoville getting their message out on the internet. Scant references though this site has some other Ottawa brewery info. One site said the service at the Clocktower was lousey. Comments?

tbit -

The last time I was at the Loon the beer was fine and the food was better. And remember, when in TO, try The Bow & Arrow, of the same pub family.

The Clocktower is just south of the Queensway, right on Bank. I found it pricey for it's speckled selection of grub & beer.

Mike M -

I guess the food is a bit pricey, but it was pretty good the times I've eaten there (albeit only twice). I was in a couple of weeks ago, during grey Cup week and the service was ok, as was the beer - a brown. I was also in a couple of years ago and tried a couple of their beers. I'm not nearly the expert you guys are, but they tasted good to me. It's something different anyway.

Alan -

Who's an expert?!? I am making this all up. I really like medium sherry but need a brave front.

Colin -

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Alan -

You win! If you want to write an essay or two, please feel free.

Roshan -

Will you Canadians do me a big favour and send me a big box of all the great Canadian beer? My mouth waters when I see McAuslan, Moosehead, Kokanee, Sleeman, Upper Canada, Labatt, Big Rock & Molson. Lol. Beer is nectar.
A Canadian beer fan from India