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Alan -

Hey, Bruno. Thanks for the post. <i>Formidable</i> as we were taught in my Canadian high-school French, has ideas "wow" and "impressive" and "substantial". All smashing means to Canadians is what you do in hockey.

Bruno Bord (aka kNo') -

There's a hockey team in Anglet (close to Bayonne). Last saturday, they've lost the game against the team with the last rank in the championship.
I don't think they can play "formidable".

Patrick Scanlan -

Hi Bruno,
Is Their an Irish owned bar in Bayonne or in the provence ?

theculinarybrewer -

I feel your pain about Paris!
I tracked down Blanche de Bruges .
You can read about it here;

Bisto -

We are mad????? Munster fans and mad Young Munster supporters my wife and I are visiting Bayonne for 4 days Sept 4th to Sept 8 have you any advice for our stay .
Tog Bog e.
Christy Ahern

Boak -

Bayonne is part of a tri-city conglomerate with Biarritz and Anglet. I don't know much about the drinking in Bayonne, but in Biarritz there's a great pub called "La Tireuse" which has 20 handpumps and features beer from smaller Belgian breweries. You can get there in about 20 minutes on the bus from Bayonne.

I wrote about it here.

There's also a couple of microbreweries in the area: Etzeko Bob's Beer and Oldarki

There may be more...

Alan -

I trust you've read all the archives here abouts!