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Alan -

Here, months later, I am having a St. Pete's English Ale. I would suggest from my review above of the summer ale that the hops are less forward, but still herbal, and that thing I was thinking was licorice is not there in this one. Still a lovely brilliant rich amber pale ale. One day, a side by side.

Ron Pattinson -

It´s not surprising you can´t taste any wood in Pedigree - you´re not supposed to. The wood referred to is in the form of a Burton Union set. It´s a "cleansing" system (like Double Drop or Yorkshire Square fermenters) and is not used to mature the beer. The fact that the unions are made from wood is irrelevant - they would function just as well if made from metal barrels.

It´s generally agreed (even by me) that Draught Bass lost most of its character when Bass ripped out its unions in the 1980´s.

There´s a pretty good explanation of the Burton union system at the Coors/Bass Museum site:


Marston´s are the last brewery to use unions commercially.

You can´t really judge Pedigree by the bottled version; you have to try the cask version.

Alan -

I can only judge the beer as it exists, Ron.