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Brenda K -

I recently was introduced to Youngs Double Chocolate and have to agree that it is delish. I too am spreading the word of this have-one-bottle.

yenooc mada -

All good breweries, all fine choices. Yet, for "winter ales" I always tend to lean towards the seasonals. Youngs "Winter Warmer" ale never disappoints and although last years batch of Anchor's x-mas brew was far superior to this years, it's still a fine treat. Another one I have recently enjoyed is Full Sail brewery's Wassail winter ale. All three are worthy of a taste this holiday season.

Alan -

That post is a bit of an artifact from when I started writing about beer two years ago and I would not refer to them now as winter ales. I have grown in so many ways since then.

Alan -

I have to add notes to posts like this from my youth of beer blogging. I have another Storm King on the go. Deepest mohogany with a thin tan rim. On the nose there is mint and espresso/mocha. The sip is deceptive as the beer explodes on the swallow. First a dark rich creaminess, then as the brew slides, chocholate coffee thickness and then a mint hop big bang lasting and lingering down the gullet. 9.1% so beware.

Alan -

Another note for this first post. The Young's Double Chocolate Stout pours mahogony under mocha foam and rim. Mint hops plus cream yeast and coffee and mocha malt add up to dry dark chocolate. As the beer warms, notes of licorice and dark Swedish rye bread graininess.

Alan -

Another Storm King - I am adding pluminess under the chocolate. Rich stuff. Maybe not so minty as I recorded.

theculinarybrewer -

I had the Young's Choc Stout recently in bottle. You can read my ramblings here (The Beer Diary)

Alan -

I was so young when I wrote this back in 2004. Thanks for the update.

Alan McLeod -

Tweeted tonight's Storm King, 11.5 years later.