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Farid -

If you can help me, I will really appreciate it.

Can anyone tell me what is Us Laws & regulation regarding Expiration date for Beers?

Do we have US mandate law on beer Expiration?

Thank you so much for your kind Response.

I have posted My E-mail in case anyone would know the naswer to E-mail me.

God Bless.

Farid Afshar


Alan -

I have no idea but it would depend on strength as a strong ale like a barleywine would last years in a celler while a "lite" mass produced beer should not be trusted after a number of weeks. It really should not be trusted at all of course.

Jim -

I know this is a little late, but I thought I would still post. There is no federal expiration date for beer, the quality is controlled by the market, not the government. Like Alan mentioned, it would depend on the strength of the beer and other factors, but not the government.

Sal -

Hope you eventually find an answer to this, my good friend. Anyway, you may already have checked these sites (http://cbs4boston.com/food/local_story_054200922.html,
http://www.tastings.com/beer/perishable.html, and,
but even THEY don't give a definitive answer. I guess we'll just have to buy some (good) beer, hold onto it for a while, and then sit out-side somewhere nice (Santa Monica?) one evening and put it to a test.
I'm looking forward to this. Until then, stay well.

Alan -

Better still - always ensure we have fresh stuff where it is under 7% or so. Over that and I am quite happy to age it.