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Alan -

Great post, Charles. The graphics on the PRC brewery sites are amazing and I think the Chinese text works just fine. Welcome aboard.

Joe -

I cry over my beer future in China. Maybe I can find something good in Shanghai. I did find a place in Hangzhou that had Guinness, at least.

Alan -

I think there may be traditional brews to be found but you may have to find a way to get into that conversation. In my days in Prince Edward Island I found it took a while for the neighbour to know you before the moonshine was offered.

CapFLU -

I recently did some searching of the Chinese brewpubs and you are right, Charles, there are few compared with your Asian neighbours of Korea, Japan and even Taiwan.

I did encounter one brewpub in Shanghai however, a place called "Fest Brew House": http://www.ratebeer.com/Places/ShowPlace.asp?PlaceID=3673

If you make it out that way let me know its merits...

All the best from Canada,


Zokirjon -

[Ed.: <i>Russian text not supported hereabouts - sad given the Uzbek server location:</i>]

gregory -

I just drank two liters of the dark at the Fest Brewhouse at 11 HanKou Road (just a half block off of the Bund) in Shanghai. Without a doubt the best beer I have had in China!

I think it compares very favorably to other dark ales that I have drunk. It is a little more tart than a Gosser dark, and nowhere near the head of a Guiness, but after a month of drinking (f*cking) lagers I am so thrilled!

I chatted some with the supervisor, and he told me their malt comes from Germany and their hops from Canada.

Definitely a beer worth trying, especially if you are stuck in China wondering what the hell there is good to drink.

Price is 70 yuan for 1L. Worth every jiao!

Dave -

Thanks for the tip on the joint on Hankou Lu (Shanghai). Suffering with gnats pee-like Qingdao and Suntory - or the stupidly overpriced Paulaner drop msy soon be over.


tomas -

Hello, I am looking at moving to Beijing this year. I am a brewmaster by profession and have developed and opened many microbreweriws in the last 9 years - taiwan, vietnam, manila, czech republic, russia and azerbaijan. I am in my mid 30's, male and fluent in english. I am from the czech republic. Would appreciate any leads for job vacancies in Beijing.


Mark -

The Yantai RT Mart was selling bottles of Abbots Ale and Old Speckled Hen this week. First time I've seen it there - dunno how long it will last. First real beer I've drunk in 6 months !!!

Alan -

Congratulations. Where is Yantai RT Mart??? I need to google map it for posterity.

Bruce -

Tomas, I might have something for you! contact me as your hotmail addy is not working.

Save the world - drink fresh beer

Mike -

I recently ended living in Hangzhou and there is one place to go: 1828 located at 262 NanShan Road (南山路 - or "North Mountain Road" translating directly). Paul is the manager and he brews up 2 fine brews: dark and light. Both are amazing. There is currently no other brewery in HZ.

Sam "Spam King" Rice -

This is so cool! My dad and I love beer and he's kinda getting enthusiastic about this black beer! We often drink beer during weekends grilling some dogs. but I think I should get this one for a change! Where can I order these beers?