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Ben -

I had the Winter Ale on Fiday night and wasn't particularly thrilled with it. Perhaps I wasn't quite in the mood for someting that heavy but it came across as just... too much. Too much coffee, licorice and something else I can't quite put my finger on. Too malty perhaps? It was a like a party in my mouth but too many people were invited.

On a side note I picked up a Kasteel from an LCBO a few weeks ago and ended up committing a crime against beer- I poured it down the sink after deeming it undrinkable. Perhaps it was a bottle gone bad but it tasted like cheap sour wine.

Alan -

It must have been a bad Kasteel as it isn't really thin - unless what you are discribing is a complete unawareness of the entire Belgian palate of ales, which would not be an accusation, only a fact.

Ben -

I have had various effes and enjoyed them so I don't think it's an unawareness of Belgians.

Alan -

Then it must have been a stinker bottle then, Ben, as my recollection of this ale is it is like drinking richly oaked brown sugar. It really is like a beefier Leffe Brown, come to think of it. Give it another try. Gowaaaaan.

Alan -

Months later and another St. Peter's Winter Ale. A pumperknickle of a beer.

e -

i love both those beers there my fav i drink 4 of each every weeknd