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lambic -

I bought a case of them, as Loblaws don't like selling singles. I'm glad I did, I've really enjoyed them over the holiday period and I'm sitting here looking sadly at the last inch of the last bottle sitting in the bottom of my glass. It's the closest thing I've found to the beers I used to drink back in England.

blork -

Hey, that's a pretty good endorsement! I have to say, it did remind me of some of the dark English ales I've been lucky enough to try. The more I think about it the more I'm looking forward to having another. Better go soon though -- the bottles are marked as "limited edition 2004" and the web site says "it may already be too late!"

John -

I'm looking forward to sampling one or two of these on New Year's Eve (okay more like seven or eight). I like porters and stouts in the winter time as I like a dark beer that sticks to your ribs. Sleeman's has rarely produced a bad beer - well, except for that "Clear" stuff which didn't really taste like anything - so I can't imagine being disappointed with it.

Alan -

Come back with your take, John, but pay attention to the word "fine" as much as "porter" - this is a pretty light take on the style.

Peach -

Didn't Sleeman's buy out Quebec's "Unibroue"?

If so, I'd hate for anything to happen to Unibroue's cherry-infused "niche" beer, <i>Quelque Chose</i>.

Alan -

Yes, there was a bouy out and some concern for quality. We do not get <i>Quelque Chose</i> here in Ontario but I have loved Unibroue's brews for years and would hate to lose their quality.

John -

I think we have a winner. I had a few New Year's Eve and really enjoyed them. It wasn't as heavy and thick as I thought it would be.

Normally, on hangover day, I avoid beer like the plague. But for some reason, I had a few more.

It's not something I'd drink all the time but like Blork says, it's best enjoyed on a lazy afternoon, maybe with a meal.

Alex -

What a beer !!!

Could'nt help, but to buy another pack of it !!!

Now i'm out of that fine porter, and depresse is gaining on me...

Darryl -

They brought fine porter back.

I too was surprised by this beer. I've never had a porter before, nor did I really have a clue what it was... but it opened my eyes and I'll have to try other 'dark muddy' porters.

I found it for the first time this year, and it quickly moved up my favorite beer chart. I need to get more before it's gone again.

Troy Dominique -

I must say very impressed with Sleemans products. i have not had the opourtunity to try the fine porter but Sleemans Cream Ale is at the top of my list. I ask for Sleemans Cream Ale and Honey Brown at every bar or restauraunt that i attend. Eventually they will get the message.
When i visit my friends i walk with Sleemans. Sure it's nice to save a buck or two with these dollar beers but at what cost? Upset stomach, headaches.
If you spend money no where else, let it be on the things that you consume...

Opinionman -

There is only one worthy Sleeman Beer: Honey Brown, "A refreshingly smooth, full-bodied lager, with a subtle touch of all natural honey which creates a slightly sweet finish." as quoted by Sleeman.

I tried the Porter and was displeased...back to Guinness, originally called "Extra Superior Porter" and was only given the name Extra Stout in 1840.


Philippe Krokmitten -

They are here again! I bought a mixed pack of sleeman there was 3 in it... I went back to buy some more :) Happy hollidays!

Roshan -

Nice review, I was almost transported to a land of lazy winter afternoons with snow outside and a fire burning in the fireplace and a hot chilli being cooked in a pot. I love the look of Sleeman and would love to taste this fine porter.