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Alan -

The pale ale and brown ale now reviewed.

Alan -

I have added my review of The Celebrated Oatmeal Stout.

Sue Treece -

Hi, I am a Lancashire Lass by birth but travelled south some 35 years ago,leaving behind all my family.

My sister in law is manager of a Sam Smiths pub in Rochdale,although quite new to this career it is her second pub with Sam Smiths,while my brotherkeeps his normal job.

I was up there last week and just the price of drinks in the pub takes me back 35 years.

So I would like to give Lue a plug, you will find her at the Turf Tavern,Norden, Rochdale. She is a friendly lass and makes everyone welcome,food has only just started but is loved by all

J. Khorozian -

I need some help with finding a/the distributor of Samuel Smith items in Southern California. Any information on this would be appreciated, Thank YOU.

Alan -

What city are you in?

Rosi -

hi, im trying to purchase some of Samuel Smiths.. and im having no luck in finding a store i could buy it. Im from UK, Surrey and i was wondering if there are any stores here in england, preferably surrey you could direct me to? Would be much appreciated becuase its a gift to somebody with the name of the beer! cheers.

Leigh -

hi - just found this very old post, but was really interested to see your views on Sam Smiths - here in Yorkshire SS are epnoymous and thier beers always represent excellent value and quality. To me, the consistency of Sam Smiths we get is second to none - i have one SS pub in Leeds selling nothing but SS and i have never had a bad pint. Hope you still enjoy thier brews.

Alan -

I certainly do and their nut brown ale has just been introduced as a regular at the state-run LCBO for we poor Ontarians who can't be trusted with normal beer stores.

Dave Chapple -

I am a manager at a small bistro and bar on the big island of hawaii usa. A handful of my regular customers have been asking for Sam Smith's Oatmeal Stout. None of my regular distributors carry it. Does anyone happen to know of a distributor in either Hilo or Kona that carries it?

Alan -

Contact the importer Merchant du Vin and they will let you know what can be done.