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Joe Reed -

"Why would Rouge not be your everyday beer if you lived in the USA?"

Because I live close to Victory. :-D

Joe Reed -

Also, I can only get the loose Rogue big bottles, which is a comparatively expensive habit.

Alan -

Good point, Joe. And I am loving the HopDevil six I picked up the same day. Victory and Rogue are my contestants for US brewer of the year...that I have had some of.

Joe Reed -

My top ones for a while have been those two, Dogfish Head, and North Coast. I'm missing a great one that will occur to me later.

I'm in the Greensboro, NC area right now, and it's pretty barren. The brewpub closest to my hotel was not worthy of review.

Next month I'm scheduled to be near Omaha, NE which has a brewpub attached to an Indian restaurant. I have high hopes for that one on both the food and beer fronts.

Alan -

So you <i>are</i> a rover, seldom sober! <p>[A Irish pub tune reference]

Alan -

Here is the news on Rouge Amber:<blockquote class="smalltext">There will be no more showing their colors for the folks at Rogue Ales, based in Newport. The U.S. government has told the brewery to stop using the Stars and Stripes to advertise its American Amber Ale. The use of the flag apparently violated U.S. Code Title 4, Chapter 1, Section 8, Item I. In part, it reads: "The flag should never be used for advertising purposes in any manner whatsoever." So it is out with the flag-bearing beer taps, pint glasses, posters and T-shirts. Even the company's red, white and blue delivery truck will have to be repainted.
"Ours is not to reason why; ours is to comply," said Jack Joyce, Rogue's chief executive. The order came after an agent for the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau who was visiting Newport with her family spotted a Rogue delivery truck with a flag painted on it. Although it's fine to fly it above places of business, U.S. code lists many instances in which it should not be used. A U.S. Treasury Department spokesman said that the code is meant, in part, to keep consumers from thinking that the government endorses products. The brewery will have to destroy most of the items, but it will be allowed to give the remaining American Amber pint glasses to Oregon soldiers returning home from war.</blockquote>Hello! Years and years and years this was on the shelf and no one noticed? Let them sell off the stock, you dingbats.

Alan -

I snabbed a quart of this with the US colours last weekend at Galeville and it will be my keeper outlaw bottle...once empty. Hey, that review up top is pretty good!