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Alan -

As a laspsed homebrewer, I can imagine a decent all dry malt extract brew with top quality stuff and intense sterilization but I would be adding a part mash, holding say 5 lbs of various cracked malts at 62° to 65° C for 90 mins. If you can't get that, get some rolled barley at a health food store. Make a very thin porridge and strain that into the boil. Guinness is full of that and it makes for very nice body.

blork -

Mmmmmm. "Miracle Beer Powder!" Gotta git me summa dat!

I don't get the economoics of the BrewZer. $99 for the startup kit comes out to almost $10 a pint for your first crack at it. After that, kits are $28 each, which comes out to $2.80 a pint. While that's cheaper than the pub, it's not cheaper than buying it at the beer store.

I suppose this would be useful if you lived in a cabin far, far in the woods.

ady -

Ah... that sort of clears up why NTUC Fairprice is selling brewer's yeast in the organic food section.

Geordie -

30L Brewing Barrel & accesories including vapour traps, hygrometer, syphon tube etc going cheap at Rm100, come to JB and collect.

Tiger's Whip -

I haven't seen Beer Macine in the supermarkets in Singapore for many months now - presumably the uptake was lower than expected. The good news is that Brewerkz is still going strong with S$3 per pint beers during week day lunch times. There is also a brew pub on Batam called Dragon Length Brewery, they make yellow, green and black beers. In addition APB are building a new microbrewery in front of the Tiger factory and will be launching new craft beers in 2006.

Alan -

Thanks for that TW but I don't understand what is meant by yellow, green and black beer. Is that pale ale, wheat and stout or are they just colouring one beer different colours?

Tiger's Whip -

Regarding the beers at Batam Length Brewery:-

The yellow is a lager type beer, the black is a stout, the green is similar to the yellow, but they add some edible nutritious algae to give the colour.

The Brewpub is in the Bengkong district of Batam.