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Alan -

Harvey's Elizabethan and Christmas Ales reviewed.

Pam Matthews -

Tried something at T.H.Brewster's (lobby beer bar at the Four Points Sheraton at LAX) called Sammiklaus. It was a Christmas brew and it seemed like it was fortified with brandy! It had a 12% volume alcohol content, so it's a sipper, not a swiller.

Anyone else tried this one? WOW!

Pam Matthews
San Diego, CA

Alan -

Hey, Pam. Somewhere I know I have information on Sammiklaus but I have never had one. These big boozy brews can be really hits or misses. Did you actually like it?

Alan -

I finally popped that Thomas Hardy's Ale. Loverly.

Jason Campbell -

I was fortunate enough to sample Sammiklaus while in New York City over New Years. We had it at the Jeckyll and Hyde Club (http://www.jekyllandhydeclub.com/menu_beer.htm , scroll down to Seasonal Brews). They told us it was only available 3 months out of the year, we could only order 2 (due the to the alcohol content), and we had to drink it out of glass.

I remember it being very good, although at the time I could have been drinking Drano and thought it only had a slight aftertaste.

Alan -

<i>"we could only order 2 (due the to the alcohol content)"</i><p>I have heard this line before and it makes no sense. I will sell you 17 straight scotches at 40% but god forbit you have a third beer over 8%.

Peach -

I just bought a bottle of Sammiklaus at the local SAQ (in Anjou, Montreal). The label says 14%. I'm wondering if I should drink it or set fire to it ...

Peach -

(Hmm. That should be spelled "Samichlaus.")

Alan -

I found a Druid Fluid in the stash and am really enjoying it. Big orangey footprint but I have a cold and the Sox may pick up a game tonight so it's hard to be analytical.

gr -

By God, wailing Wench is.....STRONG. Good thing the wife and I paired it with some extra spicy black bean burritos, doused in garlic tabasco......
(Kids: do not try this at home, unless extreme eating and drinking is your kinky little secret)

Alan -

That is why the lady, she wails.

Pam Matthews -

You're right - Samichlaus & having sampled a 1 yr old bottle, I agree with the concensus of opinion I've seen online: let it age 3 years or by gawd, you've got something flammable, but not terribly tasty. After 3 yrs, I'd say you have a very enjoyable winter warmer. Much like mead, it needs to be forgotten in the back of the pantry for a good while.