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Joe Reed -

The one excellent new (to me) beer I tried was Troeg's Oatmeal Stout. I'm not sure if it was the first year it was brewed or not.

Alan -

Sadly that was not in the excellent Troeg's mixed 24 I got to have this summer but the rest of their stuff was excellent...except maybe the Brown Ale but I do not get the hoppier US brown ales as a style.

David Akin -

I wish I'd been able to drink enough new beers to be able to intelligently discuss "Beers of the Year" but I haven't. (Perhaps that's my New Year's Resolution: Find more beer!) I can, though, offer up two beers I'm glad to have discovered this year: Kitsalano Maple Cream Ale brewed at Granville Island Brewery in Vancouver and St. Ambroise Black, brewed in Montreal by McAuslan.
If you're interested, I posted a note at my blog about these and my other favourite beers.

Alan -

I am interested and if you would like to report from the Left Coast for us that would be great. We can get the Oatmeal Stout from McAuslan but the BC local micros are being withheld from us by the <strike>KGBO</strike> LCBO.

Joe Reed -

I believe the Oatmeal Stout is a late fall/early winter seasonal.

Alan -

The McAuslan Oatmeal stout is year round up here. We should figure out how to do a Troeg and McAuslan side-by-side.

lambic -

I drink the St Ambroise oatmeal stout at Hurley's in Montreal, makes a nice change from guinness. Sweeter and slightly thicker, almost dessert-like ;)

LM Moore -

Anybody got plus-minus experience with the x-treme beers listed on


ALan -

I can't help you as I somehow messed up the insane Sam Adams age verification process on their webpage and now my computer is blocked from using their site. Remind me to never drink a Sam Adams again.

Cristopher -

I can offer up to four beers I'm glad to have discovered this year.

aizik -


I have the same issue with the website. That age verification thing is messed up. Perhaps someone knows a way to fix it, or reset the site. After all I made a simple typo on the year and now .. I cant get in.