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Maureen Ogle said this about the book: "... immensely readable, sometimes slightly surreal rumination on beer in general and craft beer in particular. Funny, witty, but most important: Smart. The beer geeks will likely get all cranky about it, but Alan and Max are the masters of cranky..."

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Jim J. -

Nice job, Alan. I'm going to check out Galeville Grocery this weekend! Thanks for the tip.

vince meegan -

Hi, Bernie! You there? I wish you guys had a branch out here in southern California!


Alan -

Hey Vince! Who is Bernie? I just shop at Galeville.

Alan -

A short drop into Galeville yesterday found the store well stocked with even perhaps a bit more shelf space being dedicated to the fine ales and lagers they carry.

Mary -

Bernie is my Dad and the owner of Galeville Grocery. Make sure you ask for him when you stop as he is always happy to talk about beer and give a guided tour.

Alan -

Hey Mary! I think I have introduced myself as the nutty guy from up north who likes to take photos of beer stores but the shop is always such a buzz of activity you do not want to take the staff away from the customers. But one was nice enough to dig through the garbage when I returned half an hour later after I forgot to get the receipt for the drive back through Canadian customs.

Brian -

Allen, I have visited the fine Meat/Grocery/Beer establishment many times. We are lucky to have this blog to help popularize Galeville Grocery at 412 Old Liverpool Road. Berine and Cliff do an amazing job keeping a fine selection beers on hand. Love the pictures! You are correct it is convenient located just off 81 south. I am lucky enough to not live too far away from this Beer Paradise. Say hello to them when you visit, and tell them about your blog.

Keep the fride full!

Alan -

I hit Galeville on the way out of town after the CNY Brewfest 2007. Great stock and great prices. Even the beer shelfs were expanded, moving more and more into the next room.

Rob -

Check Galeville Grocery and their beer selection out at http://www.galeville.com

Alan -

Thanks Rob! Here is the page with their beer listings.

veronika -

Bernie is awesome - learned to enjoy Allagash White in Maine and it's not easy to get in Utica, NY -- well, not until the super folks at TJ Sheehan told me about Galeville! He was great on the phone and looking forward to meeting him in a week or two when I drive in for a few 4pks of Allagash!

Mary -

Find Galeville Grocery on Facebook. Thank you for the pictures in this blog that I decicated to the facebook page.

orbin -

i drove 2 and ahalf hours from buffalo ny just to get my 3cases of the best beer in the world...i looked and called all over the place(you just don't know ) then some one told me about a small ma & pa store called galeville.so i called...and the rest is history. i jumped in my car grabed my girlfriend and two and ahalf hours later.we came to this place small but great.i'm telling you this place had everything you wanted.but lets get backto why i went there the only place aroundthat had what i looked for for years are you ready for this...schlitz beer thats right 2 pluse hours for the best beer in the land and they were so so nice.i stayed there a good 30min.talking to them.so if you can't find that schlitz beer or any beer they will have it instock.so thank you, thank you, thank you galeville so much for being so nice and for saveing me 3 cases of the best beer in the world.i'll see you soooon.

Mike -

Just curious - you mentioned you paid 103.78$ all said and done... how many bottles of beer did you end up getting for this cost?

Alan -

That is over six years ago, Mike. I have no idea now other than to read the item myself again and see that it looks like 37 bottles or about $2.80 a bottle. Probably what it would have cost or less buying in Ontario - except you can't buy all these beers in Ontario even now.

Mike -

Thanks Alan. I realized that it was a long time ago, I was just hoping you remembered. I thought the Ithaca and Southren Tier mixed packs you mentioned were 6’s – So I thought you had paid 100$+ for 25 beers..

I’m from Ottawa and I’m trying to justify the trip to the states to buy craft beer. Do the border/customs agents ever just let you go through without paying customs on beer – even if you’ve only been in the states for a few hours?

Alan -

No, you usually have to pay and should have the receipts handy but with the dollar high as it has been it is still a good deal and fun. If I were you, I would aim for a Wegmans grocery as well if you are thinking Syracuse. If you are getting up early, try to get to Ithaca's Finger Lake Beverages. That might be four hours drive for you.

Also, I prefer to cross at the TI bridge rather than at Prescott, as well. Crankier Canadian customs at Prescott for some reason. I understand that you are allowed 5 x 24 beer if you pay your customs. I have never hit close to that on a single day trip. Recently, when a officer started the lecture about "you know you will have to pay..." I said I am quite happy to pay and saved my receipts. He said that in that case I could drive right through. I only pay half the time.

Mike -

Thanks so much for the information Alan. Whenever you do pay customs on the beer, do the border officers actually look at the bottles? I’m guessing the receipt doesn’t show the specific sizes of each bottle, so I’m wondering how they tax appriately for 12oz bottles vs bombers etc.

Alan -

I just count a bomber or a 750 ml as 2 bottles when I say how much I have. Once I was asked if I had any large format bottles and was happy I had doubled up. But they've never asked to see so far - about 5 years of crossing.

Mike -

sorry, that should read 'appropriately'

Ralph Cognetti -

Do you have OV splits?