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Brian Kicker -

I want to try the Pumpkin Ale. Where can I order this from via internet?

David Kelley -

True, Shangy has a great selection of beer but go there more than a couple of times and I guarantee you will get skunky beer. Shangy buys in bulk and stores his beer in a warehouse that is not air conditoned or heated. The more obscure and less purchased beer really suffers. I have stopped buying any beer that he distributes from any of the distributors in the area as they have to buy from him and they all say the same thing - that they wish they could get their beer from someone else as they constantly have problems with bad beer and he refuses to take it back. I wish someone would pull there line from him and give him a wake up call I love beer and would like to enjoy the selection that he has but I have repeatedly taken home skunk beer. I finally went to return it when I spent over $150 on three cases of beer and all were bad and he refused to take them back this man is a terrible business man and he has a lock on the market because of the crazy laws in Pennsylvania.

Joe Reed -

I realize this is an old post, but David Kelley is correct. I once lived only a couple of miles away from Shangy's, and can vouch for the quality problems.

Alan -

Interesting. So far I am most impressed by the Finger Lakes Beverage Center in Ithaca which has masses of quality and quanity and good price because it is both a wholesaler and a retailer. A tiny big box.

Mike Kaas -

If folks are having problems with skunky beer at Shangy's in PA and getting no satisfaction from the distributor, try contacting the beer manufacturer, after all it's their reputation and sales at stake.

Andy -

Pennsylvania has a very rich history when it comes to its original tasting beer. Being a native of Northeast Pennsylvania, I’ve had the pleasure of growing up with many of them. Shangy’s absolutely offers these great native beers and many others? They arguably have the biggest selection of beers in the area. It’s worth the trip, especially if you’re looking for some exotic beers. Expand your beer horizons! I see there have been some questions about quality. I haven’t run into any problems when buying beer at Shangy’s, but I suppose it’s bound to happen every once in a while when there are so many international beers. Like I said before, its worth the trip to check it out. Happy Beer Drinkin’.

Nell Caulfield -

Shangys...it just doesnt get any better! Over 3,000 beers, and the best prices I have ever seen. Their staff is always extremely helpful, and the stock is always fresh....I have NEVER seen any out of date beers...well not yet anyway. Thus I whole hearted DISAGREE with the posting from redporsch. It should further be noted that our beer club has purchased nearly 60 cases a month from Shangy's for the last 3 years and NEVER had any issues.

Here's to Mr. Shangy for giving us the BEST BEER STORE IN AMERICA!

Alan -

Good to hear.

Rick -

I agree that Shangy's has the greatest variety of bulk brew that I have ever seen in one place. However, of the 6 cases I bought there last Thursday, one was a severely skunked case of GBX Malt Liquor from Minnesota Brewing. It sounds like trying to return it there from here in Levittown (PA) would be a waste of time and gas, judging from the comments above. As a beer can collector, I must admit that the $9.99 case price warranted buying the product, if only to acquire the cans. I think that the suggestion about contacting the manufacturer would be my best next step, in this case.

Bob Weiss -

I live in PA , but was never at Shandy's.
I once bought a case of Hop Hazard (River Horse Brewery) in MD.
It was the most skunky beer that I had ever tasted.
I contacted the Brewery, and they sent me a
fresh case in the mail.
It was one of the best beers that I have ever had.

Grant -

Just to let everyone know, the Kclingers in Etters closed it's doors back in mid June. Apparently the one in Hanover is still in operation. Another great place is the: Brewhouse Grille, 2050 State Road, Camp Hill, PA 17011 (717) 737-0030. They have a great selection of bottled beers and they're always rotating many great beers on tap. Furthermore, there is also: Market Cross Pub, 113 N Hanover St.,
Carlisle, PA 17013-2422. Also a great place for beer drinkers.


Varsi Padayachee -

Do you carry Castle Lager, Windhoek and Castle Milk Stout?

Walter Heim -

I'm lookinf for a beer outlet in the Reading area witch has a very large stock of imported beers.

Matt -

Check out MacGrady's pub on the south side of bethlehem, in eastern pa. they have 40-ish beers on tap, and tuesday nights 2.50 wings $3 domestics and $6 import and microbrews.

Another nice six pack shop is Jerry's Deli, on the border of Allentown and Bethlehem on Union blvd. They do 12 packs, mix and match and single 22oz bottles and 40's.

Kenny G. -

Looking for places near Bethlehem, PA where I can buy a six pack of 6 different beers as I like to sample before I buy a whole case. I'm familiar with Gerry's Deli, Abe's six pack and the six pack shop on Broiadway in Bethlehem, but I'm always looking for new places for perhaps different available beers.

Emacee -

I live in Pennsylvania and I have lived in or worked in New York, New Jersey and Delaware, as well. I am a huge fan of Pennsylvania's beer stores. Beer by the case in Pennsylvania is one of the great bargains available. The beer stores have a much better selection than you'll find in grocery stores, convenience stores or liquor stores in other states. The places look like warehouses (inside and out) but the staff is generally helpful and they are usually beer lovers, too. I only wish I could try a new beer without having to buy a whole case, but many of the regional breweries do offer sampler cartons in PA beer stores.

The practice of selling six packs in bars and delis dates back to the old days when you'd take your bucket down to the corner tap room for draft beer to go. I wish they still did but beer by the six pack is usually a major rip-off.

Jim Becker -

Where can I see a map or list of all beer distributors in PA?

JayZeis -

Sorry for posting on an old blog post, but if you ever get through Selinsgrove again, you have to go to the Selin's Grove Brewpub. Definitely worth the trip. The beer is spectacular.

Alan -

No problem - sounds good.

ray forte -

looking for mississippi mud black &tan

Boomer -

I live near Philly and Yuenling is the fall back beer to order at the bar. The go-to beers are either Yuenling or Pabst for us Philly folk, when it comes to a normal order... However, Philly is an AMAZING beer town. There are multiple bars there that have over 50 beers on tap. Philly Beer Week just passed and it's pretty much the best week of the entire year. My favorite beer brand is Flying Dog, but I spend all year waiting for winter, where many bars have Lancaster Milk Stout which is my favorite winter stout, next to Flying Dog's K9 Winter Ale and the Gonzo Imperial Porter(which will stain your carpet and clothes black, like a strong coffee would, maybe even worse). The darker the better for me, usually.